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Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

At Royal Clean, we specialise in commercial window cleaning. Our services are available throughout Auckland, and we have experience working with a range of businesses and types of commercial building.

This includes retail units and restaurants, office buildings, leisure complexes, hotels and motels, healthcare facilities, and public sector buildings. We also offer window cleaning services to landlords and commercial property managers.

Please contact us today to get a quote for commercial window cleaning. Quotes are free and there is no obligation, so call now on 0800 769 252.

Cleaning Outside Windows

Cleaning outside windows is important for businesses in all industries. Most importantly is the fact that the cleanliness of your windows impacts the external appearance of your property. Maintaining a good external appearance is important to ensure you are presenting the right image.

This obviously applies to businesses that require customers to visit their locations, such as those in the retail sector. That said, it also applies to other types of business as it is just as important to present the right image of your business to suppliers, staff, and anyone else who might visit your premises.

Keeping your external windows clean is also an essential property maintenance task. In other words, regularly cleaning your windows can prevent problems for occurring, plus it makes it easier to identify issues so they can be quickly rectified.

Environmentally Friendly Window Cleaning

At Royal Clean, we offer an environmentally friendly window cleaning solution for your business. This method of cleaning your windows uses pure water so there is no need for harmful chemicals or any other cleaning products. Our equipment, pure water, and skilled window cleaners are all that is required.

Why Choose Us for Exterior Window Washing

We’re not the only company that provides exterior window washing services in Auckland. So, why should you choose Royal Clean? Here are 10 reasons why we are your best choice if you are a business and are looking for a professional window cleaning service:

  1. Trained and experienced team
  2. Customisable services according to your requirements
  3. Reliable window cleaning – you won’t have to worry or follow up on anything as the window cleaning will just happen as per the arrangement that we put in place
  4. Flexible cleaning contracts
  5. We use high-quality equipment to ensure reliability and performance
  6. We also use effective cleaning materials to get the best results
  7. The cleaning materials we use are safe for the environment
  8. We prioritise safety and will follow all safety procedures in your business in addition to our own
  9. Consistent quality is guaranteed to give you sparkling, streak-free windows
  10. Excellent customer service and a friendly, helpful team

In addition to all the above, you will also get a competitive price when you come to us for exterior window cleaning services. Hire us for a one-off clean or put a regular contract in place – you decide. Call today on 0800 769 252 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Building Washing Services and Exterior Window Cleaning

In addition to window cleaning, we also offer building washing services at Royal Clean to remove grime and dirt from the exterior of your building.

We use effective, high-quality equipment and our operators are fully trained. They also have extensive experience cleaning the exterior of all types of commercial building. This ensures the best possible results.

Like our window cleaning services, our building washing services are flexible so you can put a regular agreement in place, or you can hire us for a once-off or specialty clean.

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