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Window Cleaners Silverdale

Windows that sparkle, that are crystal clear, and that are completely streak-free – this is what we deliver for our clients every day. At Royal Clean, we are experienced window cleaners in Silverdale, Orewa, and the surrounding area. We use the latest window cleaning techniques and technologies, the materials we use are effective and environmentally friendly, and we are passionate about delivering the highest possible standards of customer service.

Our high standards of customer service include delivering excellent quality workmanship as well as being dependable, trustworthy, and friendly.

Comprehensive Range of Window Cleaning Services

You can contact us whether you need residential or commercial window cleaning services.

If you are a homeowner, we’ll make sure you have windows that you are proud of and that you love looking out of. We’ll also arrange a window cleaning schedule that suits your requirements, and you’ll get an affordable price.

We clean windows on both single storey and multi-storey houses, plus our cleaning services don’t stop at the edge of the glass as we’ll clean the frame and anything else that is part of the window as well.

At Royal Clean, we also have extensive experience cleaning windows on commercial properties. This includes shops and restaurants that have large windows as well as offices, educational buildings, leisure complexes, and more.

Our capabilities include cleaning the windows on buildings that are up to seven storeys high.

Silverdale Window Cleaners & Solar Panel Washing Service Orewa

At Royal Clean, we are specialist window cleaners, but we also provide a number of other cleaning services in the Silverdale and Orewa areas.

This includes cleaning solar panels. Over time, grime, dirt, mould, and lichen can build-up on solar panels. Bird droppings are a common problem also.

Dirty solar panels will detract from the external appearance of your home, but they also reduce the performance of your solar energy system. By cleaning your solar panels regularly, you will get a higher output and you will reduce your energy bills.

When cleaning your solar panels, we take every precaution to protect the panels during the cleaning process. This involves using a pure water cleaning technique rather than hard chemicals or other materials.

Building Washing Services

In addition to cleaning windows on homes and commercial properties, we also clean building exteriors. We use high-quality equipment and the most effective building washing techniques to get the best results.

You can also call us if you need highrise window cleaning services in Silverdale, Orewa, or the surrounding area. Each member of our team is trained on safe working at height as well as on effective techniques for cleaning windows on highrise buildings.

Get a Quote

To get a quote for any of our cleaning services in Silverdale or Orewa, please contact us on 0800 769 252. If we can’t give you an estimate over the phone, we’ll arrange to visit your location to view the property. The estimate you get will be bespoke to your requirements.

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